LITE-UP Texas Program


Most of us are now aware of the Texas electricity deregulation act. With the implementation of this act life of people has become more easy and carefree. Choosing an electricity plan has now become as easy as choosing a telephone connection. With various companies coming up in different sectors with time, electricity sector could not be left behind for long. With the deregulation act many new electricity service providers have come up and allowing people to choose their electricity plan as per their usage. With wider range of electricity service providers, it has now become convenient for the users to cut down on their power bills by choosing the providers that fulfills their need the best. The main point of deregulation is offering more control to users.


A new program has been started by Texas government that will provide people who are earning low income to avail discounts on their electricity bills. The Lite up Texas program is especially designed to assist the qualified but low income people lower down the cost of their electric service. The program will provide people with discounts on their electricity bill during the months of May, June, July, August and September. A person who is receiving food stamps and Medicaid is currently qualified to avail these discounts. This is a great program that will not just help people cut down on their electrical bills but it will also let them save more money every month during the discount period. So, middle class people with low income can save more without changing their job or working extra with the help of Texas Lite up program.


A person who is not getting any Medicaid or food stamps can still qualify for the discount if their household income is below 125% of the federal poverty guidelines. A person can call on the toll free number 1-866-454-8387 if he feels he qualifies for the discount and can file an application for his selection. Texas Lite-up plan is a great way to help people save money and assist them with their low income and thus raise their standard of living. Apart from availing discounts from this program one can also reduce his electricity bills by conserving energy and switching to green energy sources.Green energy is the energy obtained from renewable resources and is free to use. One can switch off the lights and fans in his room or office if they are not in use.


Keeping your house clean and making use of natural light during the day will help you make use of sun’s energy and cut down on artificial light like tube, lamp or bulb. This helps in conserving power/energy and also keeps your electricity bill under control. One must also make sure that he is on the right electricity plan and is not paying for something he is not using. If you stay out of your house during the daytime then turning off the power supply will help you cut down your power bill considerably.



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